Our Election Candidates

We are delighted to be standing Kent County Council candidates in all 5 Dover district divisions.

We are also working to get Mike Eddy elected in the Dover District Council  Mill Hill by-election. We have Nick Shread standing in the Dover town Council by-election in St Radigunds, and Sarah Fisher standing for election to Walmer Parish Council.

All 5 of our candidates have signed the South East Climate Alliance ABCD pledge.
Here are their candidate statements:


Sarah Gleave


Mike Eddy


Beccy Sawbridge


Nick Shread


Abi Stroud


5 reasons to vote Green in KCC elections

We pledge to work hard for 

  • Effective plans to work together with communities and really make Kent net zero carbon by 2030, (see note below)
  • Development of safer, more active travel for young and old,     car-users and non-car users, alike; with integrated active private/public transport solutions, smarter not pricier.
  • Investment in Green New Deal jobs in a more climate-friendly economy to build back fairer, and make all homes healthy and cheap-to-heat (using cheap municipal loans).
  • Questions and scrutiny of powerful land-dealers in Kent, so that KCC can use natural solutions to combat the climate and ecological emergencies, by protecting & extending carbon-capturing natural landscapes.
  • Opposition to Central Government when it forces unwise plans on East Kent, and opposition to any increase in KCC councillor allowances.

All our candidates have signed the South East Climate Alliance ABCD pledge, and pledge2030.uk and we support the CEE bill.

Note: May we respectfully point out,

The claim on another party’s campaign leaflet  ‘costed plans to deliver net zero carbon by 2030’ is misleading. As the following Kent on-line story shows in May 2019, the Conservative majority pushed back, to 2050, the date for the county to become net zero carbon. https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/climate-change-emergency-but-it-can-wait-an-extra-20-years-205227/   Thus KCC are committed to become net zero carbon by 2030 only as regards the KCC offices & estate, not as regards the county. This is why neither KCC nor DDC are cited as compliant councils at the bottom of the home page of pledge2030.uk

The Green Party : speaking truth to power
for our common good and the next generation’s.

Sarah Gleave
(Sarah has been closely involved with the Transition Towns projects in Deal and Dover for over 10 years. In Feb 2015 she was a founder member of Dover and Deal Green Party and throughout 2020 she has worked hard,  (sometimes as a lone opposition voice) on the DDC Climate Change Working Group, to make it more responsive to local people, to make promises meaningful and independently honestly measured.)

I enjoy living in Kingsdown in an ex-council house, 20 minutes cycle from Deal. In recent years I’ve also enjoyed being a community volunteer, for example I’ve been a fuel poverty advisor, community gardener, and I pick fruit and veg for foodbanks. We all know too many in our communities need foodbanks and we need to build back fairer, with cheap-to-rent, healthy homes for local families.

I believe we need to invest in jobs in a more climate-friendly and caring economy. Sadly, Kent’s powerful include the developers who are targeting our natural environment from Aylesham to Betteshanger to Kingsdown. Let’s speak up against those who threaten our farmland, orchards and carbon-capturing woodland.

We need to act for climate and social justice. Dover District has been on the sharp end of cuts for too long. Let’s build back fairer from covid. If elected I’d keep pushing for the cuts to be reversed, for investment to get the improved social services, cheaper public transport and safer travel options that would allow us to lead healthier lives and grow a people-centred economy.