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Open letter to Under Secretary of State for Transport, Rachel Maclean MP Regarding Dover Inland Border Facility.

Statement from Green Party Councillors in Dover District.

Until December 2020, the site that the Dept of Transport have bought to use as White Cliffs Inland Border Facility was farmland that ought not to be developed. Right now government Department for Transport, are saying it is a temporary site with a 5 year requirement but this will just open the doors to the site being developed later. It won't revert to farmland and fields. Once it is built on there is no going back.

Lorries will be driving to and from the site 24/7, it will impact local people's quality of life enormously. Air, noise and light pollution both from the IBF and from the lorry queues on A2 under Guston, not to mention the loss of amenity, will negatively affect their health and well-being. The same things will affect biodiversity; light pollution has devastating impacts on birds and animals.

Local people have been kept in the dark and the swiftly arranged 'engagement (non-consultation)' period is woefully inadequate. This situation has been foreseeable for years and a better solution must be found. The whole of the locality will be affected by the knock-on traffic issues on A2 if this IBF goes ahead, here. The volume of traffic on minor roads through villages and hamlets will increase dramatically, as we always see when there are lorry hold-ups. This all adds up to massive safety issues with this site.

Last week, DfT said HGVs will use the Dover Fast-track route as part of IBF plans. But the Dover Fast-track was intended to provide greener, cleaner bus and cycle travel and was consulted on; It was part of KCC / DCC economic regeneration plans. For Dept for Transport to overturn these local plans is completely unacceptable.

Cllr Christine Oliver, on Deal Town Council
Cllr Michael Eddy, on Deal Town Council
Cllr Abigail Stroud, on Deal Town Council
Cllr Anne Farrington, on Deal Town Council
Cllr Rebecca Sawbridge, on Dover Town Council
Cllr John Lonsdale, on Walmer Parish Council
Cllr Mike Eddy, on Walmer Parish Council
Cllr Daniel Symons, on Walmer Parish Council
Cllr Michael Eddy, on Ringwould with Kingsdown Parish Council
Cllr Duane Poppe, on Ringwould with Kingsdown Parish Council