District and Parish Council Elections, 4th May 2023

Dover District Council

Eastry Rural

Pete Findley

If elected as a Dover District Councillor, I will act as a protector of the countryside, vulnerable people and our children’s future health and wellbeing.

As a retired Specialist Teacher – my specialism was developing programmes for children with autism in mainstream schools and three of the 15 children I fostered had autism – I am keen for the council to improve the support to its vulnerable people.

I currently carry out wildlife surveys on farms and woodland for Natural England and Forestry England to encourage the Countryside Stewardship schemes and advise on management. We need farmers to produce food for us locally in a way that works with nature and is sustainable.

Our housing programmes need to be brought up to date with better insulation and renewable power to reduce bills. We need to plan for a better future not just developers profit. I am concerned that the developments currently planned will create more traffic problems on our roads that will spill into our villages and reduce the safety of pedestrians and cyclists.

Sarah Waite-Gleave

If elected to Dover District Council, I'm determined to speak up for the needs of local people, especially when these needs conflict with the desires of the property development lobby.

We need the Right homes, in the right places at the right price i.e. much more low energy social housing near services in our towns.

Like most Green candidates I'm signed up to South East Climate Alliance's ABCD pledge. DDC currently are missing SECA's targets for councils to partner with & listen to communities to reach climate emergency target before 2050. East Kent food-growing land, orchards & woodland must be protected from over-development by adopting nature-based plans for carbon neutrality.

In recent years I’ve been a community volunteer in varied ways, ( e.g. a fuel poverty advisor, a community gardener, and picker of fruit and veg for foodbanks). in 2020 & 2021 I did the work of Green Party nominee on DDC Climate Change Working Group with my colleague Mike. We pushed for DDC to listen to communities about how to reduce our carbon footprint. Too many in our communities need foodbanks and we need to build back fairer from Covid, with cheap-to-rent, healthy homes for local families.

We need to invest in jobs in a more climate-friendly and caring economy. Sadly, Kent’s powerful include the developers who are targeting our natural environment from Eastry to Betteshanger to Kingsdown. Dover District has been on the sharp end of cuts for too long. If elected I’d keep pushing for cuts to be reversed, for investment to get the improved social services, cheaper public transport and safer travel options that would allow us to lead healthier lives and grow a people-centred economy.

Maxton & Elms Vale

Nick Shread

I love living in Dover, it's an amazing place filled with warm, generous people.

I'm standing as I'm passionate about promoting the needs of the local community. I feel that it's easy for people to focus on Dover and not see the range of issues facing residents in the surrounding areas. If elected I would ensure I'd use my voice to represent your issues and concerns. I'm aware of local residents issues about parking, dog mess, and of course the escalating costs of everyday life. I will use any influence I have to make progress on reducing these concerns.

I will look to challenge anything that makes it harder for local people to take steps towards a greener life; be that cutting back on bus routes, provision of safe cycle routes or limiting access to recycling services.

Guston, Kingsdown & St Margarets

John Lonsdale

I love living in Dover, it's an amazing place filled with warm, generous people.

I served 4 years on Walmer Town Council 2019-2023 as chair of the Climate Emergency Working Group. I have a professional background in low-energy home construction, and I know how much more a determined DDC could do for residents. If I am elected to represent this ward (which I live on the edge of with my family) I will speak up for the protection of green spaces and food-growing farmland; for safer roads, pavements and much needed bus services; for help for people and local businesses struggling with sky-high energy bills.

In Guston, Kingsdown and St Margarets, my Green colleague Sarah was first to stand up, in Sept 2020, when Guston & A2 / A258 parishes were threatened by a dangerously sited 'Dover Inland Border Facility'. This is typical of the commitment I and my colleagues will bring to DDC if we have a few Greens elected in 2023.


Mike Eddy

I live in a great community very near the Deal / Walmer boundary, and am grateful for the voter support of local people that has allowed me to serve the Deal & Walmer community as a councillor since 1997.

I am committed to improving local government at every level, in line with the Nolan principles. We need much more openness and transparency from the powers-that-be in Kent. I’ve long supported our Citizens Advice Bureau, and our Children’s Centres and I know the damage that the cuts to Kent local government have had on so many lives. Since I’ve joined the Green Party, I’ve found it much easier to work cross party on the practical local issues that affect us all in our coastal communities.

Overdevelopment and road safety are key issues in Walmer, and if re-elected I will do all I can to push for protections Walmer residents are crying out for. We Greens put the motion to get Walmer Parish Council (& Deal Town Council) to declare Climate Emergency in June + July 2019 and commit to becoming net carbon by 2025, adopted cross party. The new secure cycle hub appearing at Walmer stn, the thermal camera service for residents are 2 result of Independent / Green cooperation on WTC 2019-2023.

As an ex-member of the DDC planning cttee, I understand how we need to stand up to volume developers to protect local communities and our spectacular and endangered natural environment, especially at this time of climate emergency, wildlife extinction and cost of living crisis. We need the Right homes, right place, right cost Charter. (Mike was elected 4 times to KCC in 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2013. He also served as Dover district councillor from 2005 to 2019. He is a DDC candidate and a Walmer TC candidate in St Saviours ward.)

Mill Hill

Christine Lilian Oliver

As the mother of two teenage girls, I feel strongly that they and all young people should inherit a liveable planet and society that is fair and just for everyone.

I went to school in Dover and have lived and worked in and around Deal and Dover for whole my adult life. I understand this area and its particular context. I chose to raise my family here so I have a strong interest in making it the best it can be for local people. I also have a deep commitment to public service, which led to me to volunteer to Citizen’s Advice as a trustee, to local charity Samphire as chair, and to Sholden Primary School as a school governor. I served as a Councillor on Deal Town Council 2019 – 2023, and I hope to be re-elected.

As the mother of two teenage girls, I feel strongly that they and all young people should inherit a liveable planet and society that is fair and just for everyone. That means that we need to decarbonise our economy fast and invest in a green industrial revolution, ensuring that the transition is fair and that nobody is left behind. Too often, ordinary workers have ended up paying the price for rapid changes in society. Workers must be protected from appalling conduct like that of P&O Ferries/ DP World, and we need to invest in pathways to transition workers from high carbon industries to high quality employment in a greener economy.

A fair society means there is a social floor that nobody falls below. It means well-funded public services – like schools and hospitals, and a decent standard of living. Insulating our draughty housing stock to keep people warm and energy bills down. Investing in renewable energy at scale and supporting community owned energy that works for local people, not for the energy companies making windfall profits at the taxpayers’ expense. Our social safety net needs to make sure that everyone - older people, people living with disabilities or who are sick or need care, young people, families – have what they need to thrive. As well as having enough money to put food on the table and the heating on, it includes things like access to libraries and green spaces and the means to get around. We need an affordable public transport system that ensures communities aren’t cut off and that reduces our reliance on individual cars. Prioritising sustainable travel to make walking and cycling safe and enjoyable.

Our local environment needs to be protected – from the over-development that is destroying our countryside and wildlife, and from the pollution that is harming our health. The pandemic showed us what is important – the jobs we can’t function without as a society and how connected the environment is to our health and wellbeing. We need to take on board those lessons and adapt – to shift the focus from endless economic growth to living sustainably, within planetary boundaries, in a democracy where everyone’s views are represented.

Dover: Town & Castle

Beccy Sawbridge

I’m one of 11 Green DDC candidates in Dover district and I'm signed up to both South East Climate Alliance's ABCD pledge and pledge2030.

I have some fond memories of my childhood in Dover in Tower Hamlets, where I still live. I’m a former ferryworker and have always been an active trades unionist. I have campaigned on housing and benefits rights and am a proud member of Unite Community where I am equalities officer. Dover people know me as a long term campaigner especially on animal welfare and anti-racism.

In May 2019 I was elected to Dover Town Council. With only 2 Green councillors, we had to work hard to push the Dover TC to declare a Climate Emergency on 17th July 2019, supported by a large community lobby in the council chamber which included many young people.

We also won 8 other town and parish seats in Dover District in 2019 and my colleagues on Deal Town and Walmer Parish councils initiated Climate Emergency Declarations to become net zero carbon emitters 2025 on 25 June + 3 July 2019. If elected to DDC, I would do my best to speak up on all occasions for social and climate justice.


Steph O'Connor

This is the first time that I have put myself forward to represent my town in a local election.

I am part of the active and committed Dover and Deal Green Party team, striving to bring change to the two-party representation that we have had at DDC for so many years. By electing Green councillors, we as proud Dovorians, can hold the ‘old guard’ to account as the only party dedicated to fighting for our environment and ensuring that we live in a just and fair society.

I speak as a member of our community, I am a devoted teacher (of 27 years) here in Dover and am co-founder of Dover Creative Network, working hard with artists and creative organisations across the district to celebrate and raise the profile of Dover as a vibrant town with a lot to offer both residents and visitors alike. Dover deserves a chance for change!