We are working hard to get Green candidates elected to represent Dover District at Kent County Council this May 2021. Please see details on our page May 2021 Election Candidates.

Get involved in local democracy!

Across Britain there are 374 Green Party councillors on principal authorities and more than 200 on town and parish councils. They’re working to challenge the old, tired and less accountable two-party system.

We stand with voters who want to be heard not herded by councillors who’ve held seats for years in our district.

We think it would help Dover to have more Green local people elected to our local councils.

Would you consider serving on your local parish council?

There may be a vacancy right now: check your local parish council website.

We have resources to support you if you go for it. We subscribe to the Association of Green Councillors (there are 164 across England and Wales). They provide good examples on issues such as:

  • Helping save energy
  • Generating renewables
  • Promoting healthy and low carbon transport
  • Protecting wildlife habitats
  • Preparing for extreme weather events
  • Resisting austerity cuts that make our society more unfair.

We need enthusiastic, committed and hard-working candidates. We are particularly keen to ensure diversity amongst our candidates.

Candidates must:

  • Be paid-up members of the Green Party
  • Support the Green Party’s main aims and policies.
Dover candidates, left to right: Beccy Sawbridge (standing in Town and Castle ward), Nick Shread (standing in Maxton and Elms Vale) and Brian Murphy (standing in Tower Hamlets).

Local Democracy in Dover and Deal District

Photo of candidates: 5 women and 5 men holding campaign banner for Dover and Deal

We have 8 people elected to serve in 10 parish /town council seats in Dover District.

THANK YOU to everyone who voted for our candidates and / or who helped with our campaigns. We went to celebrate with the 1300 year old yew tree at Ringwould.

We promise to ACT for the long-term protection of people, planet, animals and wildlife (and persuade other councillors to do the same).

These are the first Green Party seats ever won in the Dover District. The closest we came to a District Council seat was Eastry Rural that we missed by 5 votes (after recount). If we’d had more than 4 people leafletting and £60 to spend in that ward on leaflets we could have taken the seat of the Conservative incumbant.

The seats and councillors won

  • Ringwould w/ Kingsdown PC – elected unopposed Mike Eddy
  • Walmer Parish Council – elected unopposed John Lonsdale and Dan Symons – elected Mike Eddy
  • Dover Town Council – elected Beccy Sawbridge and Jackie Garnett
  • Deal Town Council – elected Christine Oliver, Simon Phillips, Mike Eddy and Anne Farrington

Of the 15 district seats won in Kent, 11 were taken from Conservatives 4 were taken from UKIP.