In 2024 many people tell us they are thirsting for real change in national government at parliament. So we've selected Christine Oliver as Dover & Deal's Green candidate to allow voters to show their support for much needed policies like ours.

Our policies include:

  • 💰 Investment in cheaper, cleaner energy, and good jobs providing it
  • 💦 Publicly owned utilities run for people not profit, incl. water & rail.
  • 💸 A wealth tax on the super rich because of huge wealth inequality.
  • 🏠 Protection for tenants & affordable homes in the right places.
  • 🌳Protection for wildlife & farmland with real teeth.
  • 👩‍🔬Re-investment in a public NHS capable of retaining staff.
  • ⏳ Cleaner government with fairer voting.
  • ☮️ Defence of human rights at home and abroad.
A vote for Green Christine is a vote for REAL change. Her legal background gives her the training to speak up for Dover, Deal & villages. She's grown up locally & raises her family here, so she understands the full range of our local issues.
With 10 seats on town councils, the Green Party has been  the THIRD party in this district since 2019. But without the funding from corporates, from multi-millionaires or unions that other parties receive, it is difficult for our Green Party volunteer team to stand candidates and let voters know of our campaigns. So we are crowdfunding in 2024. for our Dover and Deal Constituency Parliamentary candidate, Christine Oliver, for the deposit and to let people know they have a capable, principled, hard-working Green Candidate to consider voting for.
If you live in Dover district in the northerly wards of Sandwich and Little Stour and Ashstone (around Ash, Wingham and Preston), you vote in the new constituency of Herne Bay and Sandwich. You too have a great 2024 Green Party Candidate in Thea Barrett. For further information email coordinator@thanet.greenparty.org.uk
We encourage all young 18 and 19 year olds to use this link and make sure they are on the electoral roll https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote Younger voters are both underrepresented, and often more thoughtful when they vote than voters over 80.

Town Council Wins

We are delighted that local people elected our candidates to represent them in many wards. We achieved 10 Town Council seats, whilst 2 of our Green friends achieved seats on 2 Parish Councils as independent candidates.
We were the 3rd largest party in Dover district, despite a much more crowded field than in 2019.
We will be working as hard as possible to achieve a more multi-party Dover District Council in the future, which will be better at listening to people. This will enable the council to cope better with the crises affecting East Kent, the cost-of-living crisis, and the climate and ecological crises too.  We want change that will benefit every one living in the district now and future generations.
Please see the news sections on this website for all the details of the fine work our councillors have been doing for you over recent years.
Green Party candidates standing for Dover Town

Get involved in local democracy!

Across England and Wales in 2023 there are 744 Green Party councillors on principal authorities. In the South-East we now have 195 Green councillors championing fairer, greener futures for their communities and working hard to make local people’s lives better - the most of any Green Party region in England. They’re working to challenge the old, tired and less accountable two-party system, so that the climate, ecological and cost-of-living crisis can be resolved.

We stand with voters who want to be heard not herded by councillors who’ve held seats for years in our district.

We think it would help Dover to have more Green local people elected to our local councils.

Would you consider serving on your local parish council?

There may be a vacancy right now: check your local parish council website.

We have resources to support you if you go for it. We subscribe to the Association of Green Councillors (there are 164 across England and Wales). They provide good examples on issues such as:

  • Helping save energy
  • Generating renewables
  • Promoting healthy and low carbon transport
  • Protecting wildlife habitats
  • Preparing for extreme weather events
  • Resisting austerity cuts that make our society more unfair.

We need enthusiastic, committed and hard-working candidates. We are particularly keen to ensure diversity amongst our candidates.

Candidates must:

  • Be paid-up members of the Green Party
  • Support the Green Party’s main aims and policies.

Local Democracy in Dover and Deal District

We aim to raise £1500 for deposit & campaign costs to stand Christine Oliver as a Green candidate for Dover in the 2024 General Election. If you feel able to support this, we'd be very grateful:

Christine Oliver

In 2019 we had 8 people elected to serve in 10 parish / town council seats in Dover District. The 2019 local elections and the 2021 KCC elections results put us as the 3rd most popular party within Dover District. 

We're delighted to have grown those numbers in 2023, THANK YOU to everyone who voted for our candidates and / or who helped with our campaigns.

We promise to ACT for the long-term protection of people, planet, animals and wildlife (and persuade other councillors to do the same).

Our councillors are:

Deal Town Council

  • Sam Brookfield
  • Simon Cullen
  • Mike Eddy
  • Pete Findley

Dover Town Council

  • Martin Bradley
  • Beccy Sawbridge
  • Nick Shread

Walmer Town Council

  • Mike Eddy
  • Pete Findley
  • Sarah Waite-Gleave
Candidates for Eastry Rural, Pete Findley and Sarah Gleave