We face challenges now, greater than we have ever faced.

Britain, Kent, needs a better form of government to deal with these challenges.

Because we cannot hold to account the majority groups in power at town, district or county level or the ministers at national level, without real multi-party democracy, without fair proportional voting at national, regional and local level.  Across Britain over 700 higher level and 400 town / parish Green councillors are reaching out, cross party on councils, in the public interest, to improve the practices of the two older, larger parties. In Kent by 2023 there were 47 Green councillors at district (borough) level and 5 Green KCC councillors.

We will stand up and speak truth to power. Because problems are not solved by pretence.

To quote the 2019 Green Party Manifesto, still true today, ‘We propose replacing First-past-the-post with a proportional voting system, giving 16-year-olds the vote, reforming government to better combat the Climate Emergency and devolving power to councils’.

We have had 21 of the hottest years on record between 2000 and 2024.  None of this is happening by accident. It is the consequence of an out-of-control economic system that plunders the Earth’s natural resources to create huge wealth for the few, casting the climate into chaos and causing corrosive levels of inequality.

Greens have long said, economic growth should no longer be the way we measure progress. Instead we work to prioritise measures of real prosperity and well-being like improvement in health, (and a more resilient healthcare system), reduction of inequality and the restoration and protection of the natural environment on which we all depend.

As the originators of the Green New Deal, we Greens are the party providing the key ingredient in tackling the ecological and climate emergency by 2030, in the reconstruction of a better system after the pandemic emergency so that we are a country, a county, a district with much less social and economic inequality.  With a better system, we can rebuild the trust to tackle the challenges.


Caroline Lucas campaigning to Stop Live Transports at a demonstration in London, in September 2017.