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A pity a Christmas 2019 General Election was called!

Voters deserve choices was our campaign slogan.

In a parliamentary democracy, no autocratic Prime Minister should deride parliamentarians who are scrutinising his actions, or manipulate a General Election with threats and prorogation. British voters also deserve a much more pluralistic, honest press / media. And clean voting. No British political party should be allowed to accept money from foreign (often Russian) billionaires, as the Conservative Party and Brexit Party did in 2019. It is appalling that 94% of the climate denying lobbyist money went to the party which won the 2019 General election*.

And, as we’ve said so many times before, we British voters deserve fair proportional voting. It is the only way to say goodbye to poisonous tactical voting, and hello respectful campaigning, and hello better government to tackle our problems.

We are proud of, and grateful to, our candidates;  Beccy Sawbridge in the General election  and Sarah Gleave in the District council by-election, for campaigning with grace under pressure. We congratulate Green MP Caroline Lucas for her re-election with a bigger majority. We also congratulate the losing Labour candidate in Dover, Charlotte Cornell, for her strong and honest campaign.

Across Kent, Green Party candidates stood in 15 of the 17 constituencies and in all cases the vote was higher than in 2017.

If MPs were elected to Westminster under the same fair proportional system used by the Welsh, Scottish and London Assemblies, evidence shows we’d have 17 or 18 Green MPs working in a coalition with Labour, a party which has followed our Green lead calling for a Green New Deal.

We have speakers happy to come and talk to any community group in Dover District on Kent’s democratic deficit (a powerpoint presentation) If you’d like us to come and talk to your group just email.  If you’d like to join us and the  ‘Make Votes Matter’ campaign to say Yes to clean proportional voting; No to national populism, please get in touch.

* DeSmog is the campaign group countering the spin (public relations) from the international fossil fuel lobby.