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By criticising Marcus Rashford, Natalie Elphicke is criticising all volunteers.

Letter to East Kent Mercury by Cllr Mike Eddy.

Elphicke versus Rashford

Among all the justified outrage at our current MP’s comments about Marcus Rashford (Mercury, July 14 and 21), readers have focussed on her attack on Mr Rashford.

Marcus Rashford was a volunteer helping to deliver food to people in need before he used his fame as a footballer to attract attention to the plight of more and more families being forced on to, and below, the breadline during the pandemic.

Like every other volunteer in the country, Marcus Rashford gave his services to his fellow citizens because he wanted to help them by stepping in where national or local government could not or would not help. And by helping those that national or local government could not or would not help, every volunteer is, in our MP’s terms, “playing politics” with a small “p”.

Marcus Rashford’s status allowed him to do more than most volunteers might ever dream of. He was able to change the policy of national government.

Our current MP, Natalie Elphicke, would do well to remember that when she has a go at Marcus Rashford, she is having ago at all volunteers. And she should remember that it was Marcus Rashford who did what he could to put food in the bellies of hungry children, something which she and her government initially tried to stop.

Yours faithfully
Cllr Mike Eddy
Green Party Councillor for Mill Hill ward, Deal