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Heatwave Warnings And Cost Of Living Crisis: Reality Bites Showing We Need Change

Reality wake-up call, Mon 18, and Tues 19 July. More frequent heatwaves, higher than before and English farmers saying their yields knocked back by 20% in a year when threats to national food and fuel supply are hitting headlines, and, more importantly, driving up a dangerous cost of living crisis. One thing leads to another doesn’t it?

Martin Lewis of says July 2022, ‘why oh why, don’t we get homes better insulated, so we as a country, use less energy, import less energy, keep homes cool in summer and warm in winter’.  He says ‘a decent govt would insulate for free all homes of families on under £25,000 and it would be much, much cheaper than paying the oil and gas giants, because the worst part of cost of living crisis is the energy bills tripling’.

We in the Green Party, have long, long been saying the same. Also it is completely irresponsible of the would-be prime ministerial Conservative candidates to ignore the findings of Royal Institute of International Affairs warning (Climate change risk assessment 2021 | Chatham House – International Affairs Think Tank) on the global instability, and the conflicts that the inadequately controlled climate crisis is bringing, as they fight like cats in a sack to please their unwoke small membership who prefer putting their heads in the sand.

Accountable, responsible government, is something that we, the 67 million in the UK, the 1.5 million in Kent, could hope for, if we had a reform of our political system, the creation of constructive multi-party democracy. It would stop many of the big corporate donations to the biggest party. A multi-party, cleaned-up parliament will come when we, in England, get fair proportional voting like Scotland has already.

Yes, decisions to eat and/ or heat are linked to whether or not we turn out to vote for change at the ballot-box. As a younger, cleaner party we’d like your support, so that we have resources to push an older, richer party to behave better for East Kent.

Pete Findley & Sarah Waite-Gleave
Dover and Deal Green Party

Action during heatwave