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Improving Democracy

Theme 3 of our 2019 Action Plan

In the UK, for local government, each elected member represents 2,605 people compared to 250 in Germany. Our system of government is too complex and distant.

We think DDC should work with local community groups and concerns – ‘open government’.

Deal and Dover Green Party would work for an increase in the powers of Parish Councils – as the level of government closest to local communities.

Parish Councils should:

  • have an obligation to consult with their local communities and express their views
  • have the right to receive a clear and reasoned response from KCC and DDC.
  • organise ‘community consultations’ and inform their local communities through their web sites and meetings.
  • have more say in housing developments, especially environmental effects and infrastructure needs.

We would give support to Parish Councils on safe speeds for cars through their villages, where limits are placed and putting in speed panels.

We want local people to have more say. 

This article covered one of the 14 Themes of Dover and Deal Geen Party Action Plan:

  1. Action on Climate Emergency
  2. Open Government
  3. Improving Democracy
  4. Value for Money
  5. Policies to Support Local Business
  6. Planning Policy that Works
  7. No to Fracking
  8. Yes to support for electric cars
  9. A Plastics Free Council
  10. Ending Live animal exports
  11. Better Air Quality
  12. Support for Bus Transport
  13. Better Amenities – Especially For Young People
  14. Universal Credit and Other Benefits