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Solar Farms? Yes, but in the right place. 

As the Green Party in Dover district we cover the DDC ward of Little Stour and Ashstone; it includes the villages of Ash, Wingham, Staple, Preston, Goodnestone and surroundings. This is our public statement on the issue of the big new solar farm that is proposed by Statkraft.

Save Ash Level

There was a public information session about the Ash Levels Solar Farm on Friday 17th March 2023 between 3.30 pm - 7.30pm at Ash village hall.

Renewables in the right place are the answer to UK's problems of fuel security, and the need to protect communities here and across the planet from rapid, dangerous, climate change.
No food-growing fields should be sacrificed for renewable solar farms, because food security matters too.

Community renewables on the roof tops of all new and existing homes, solar canopies on all car parks & solar installations alongside rail tracks, also tidal, wind and hydro energy and green hydrogen are needed more than ever BUT are blocked by a lobby-laden government which prioritises the wishes of the big oil and gas lobby.

Renewables that do not impact food security, or key wildlife habitats, are the way to break the profiteering stranglehold of the oil and gas corporates who have pushed UK energy prices sky-high while their CEOs and boards pocket obscene billions that enable them to lobby MPs like Craig MacKinley all the more. (We have a lot of evidence on this matter.) Community renewable energy is often the most beneficial for ordinary residents in most areas.   Craig should speak to, and learn from, Chris Skidmore MP (Con)  and from Caroline Lucas MP (Grn).

On the issues of protecting wildlife habitat and farmland, please see this recent news item on our website.