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Climate Justice, conflict prevention; more insulated homes from council please

The Royal Institute for Foreign Affairs, Chatham House issued a risk assessment on 14 Sept 2021 which makes grim reading. They say our world is currently on course for worse levels of global climate disturbance than were targeted, (2.7 to 3degrees of warming), with only 1% chance of meeting 1.5 degrees warming targeted by UN […]

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WhiteCliffs Business Park, Whitfield proposed site for 1 of 4 HMRC lorry parks in East Kent

On 24 July, news of Conservative Central Govt plans to impose 4 huge clearance lorry parks on East Kent was leaked to the public. One of the sites, which plans to cater for 1200 HGVs, is WhiteCliffs Business Park, Whitfield. Another is Manston airport, to cater for 5800 vehicles. Both will have a huge impact […]

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Betteshanger Park Development

Introduction by Peter Cutler: Recently Quinn Estates has acquired Betteshanger Park (country park + sustainable park) from the Education Commissioners through a fire sale caused by the mismanagement of Hadlow College. The result is the end of a viable publicly funded scheme (140,000 trees and shrubs planted) and the transfer of resources to the private […]

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Is enough being done in our region to tackle the balance of social housing?

Social housing, that is, homes that people can rent at a fair price, either from public or private owners, is different from affordable housing (a larger category including home ownership for people who can get a mortgage). The amount of social housing has dropped dramatically since the 1980’s when the Conservative government forced councils to […]

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