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What a Green group at Dover District Council would work to achieve

Green candidates are campaigning in 4 Dover District Council (DDC) wards, where we were top runner up in 2019. We are also campaigning in 5 other DDC wards, and for 11 town council seats too.

You CAN #VoteGreen #GetGreensElected.

Green Party candidates standing for Dover Town

If YOU elect Green candidates to Dover District Council on May 4th, Dover & Deal Green Party will form a group and we promise to do all we can to push hard for:

Local Economy and Democracy

  • Green jobs that offer a secure future
  • Support for high streets and local business
  • Partnerships to make our whole district net carbon zero before 2050
  • A council that listens, and a more democratic committee system


  • Many more affordable council homes that are cheap to heat, close to services
  • Insulation upgrades in all council housing to reduce energy bills
  • An action plan to help homeless people all year round


  • Protection of food-growing fields and wildlife habitats from over-development
  • More biodiversity on council land and net zero carbon council buildings
  • Improved recycling and waste reduction
  • Natural solutions to climate change; on grassland, wetlands and woodland

Health and Wellbeing

  • Safer roads that make walking and cycling safer, and more enjoyable
  • Partnership with community groups to support those hit by the cost-of-living crisis
  • Opposition to service cuts from central government or KCC.

Check out @theGreenParty call for the excellent Right homes, Right place, Right price Charter, launched 5th April 2023.

If you share our vision for better, more multi-party DDC Dover District Council, make sure you VOTE GREEN on May 4th. #GetGreensElected