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Thermal Imaging Camera Loan Scheme

Identify and reduce Heat Loss in your home for free

Walmer Town Council has purchased a professional Thermal Imaging Camera (model Flir E4) available free to Walmer residents to see where their home is leaking heat and lacking in insulation and draft proofing. Reducing heat loss saves you money, lowers energy use and reduces the carbon emissions responsible for climate change.

Thermal image
Thermal image

How It Works:

The thermal imaging camera shows up ‘hot spots’ where warmth is leaking from your home, usually through the roof, walls, floors, doors and windows. Seeing this visually helps to identify areas that need attention either by adding insulation, draft-proof strips, replacement of failed double glazing units, adding secondary glazing or repairs to masonry work or even simple low cost solutions such as installing thermal blinds and curtains or draft proof strips around doors, windows, and letter boxes.


The best time for taking thermal images is on a cold, dry and dull day when the heating has been on for a few hours – so typically between November and April each year. The greater the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the house the better the images. Rain and sun can give distorted readings so ideally on or at the end of a cold cloudy day is ideal.

How to get an image survey:

Interested households should register their interest at or by calling the Walmer Town Council office on 01304 362363. Photos are available to keep if requested, and will be sent by email.

Community volunteers provide this service for free. The volunteers are given basic training to use the camera and will bring the camera to your home to use on the outside. They will show you the thermal images as you go around the house, discussing any areas where heat appears to be escaping or insulation may be inadequate. Photos are also available to keep if requested, and will be sent by email. The service is available to Walmer residents only. There’s no cost.

Thermal image
Thermal image


Once hot spots and areas leaking heat have been identified, speak to a qualified heating and insulation specialist about suitable solutions. You can also head to the Centre for Sustainable Energy website or call 0800 082 2234 for some tips, solutions, ideas and links to further support and possible funding. Reducing heat loss from your home will save you money on your heating bills, keep you warmer, reduce pollution and lower your carbon footprint.