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Inland Border Facility: Green Party Peer Natalie Bennett Speaks Up For Dover Residents

There was much local disappointment at the failure of the Conservative Cabinet at DDC to use their powers as Local Planning Authority to demand an Environmental Impact Assessment for the site Central Govt commandeered for Dover Inland Border Facility. We note that 8 of the 11 opposition Labour councillors voted against the weak line taken […]

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Fast Growing support for Dover people’s campaign for central London government to RE-LOCATE the INLAND BORDER FACILITY for safety reasons.

On the evening of Fri 29th January 2021, a well-informed senior source attached to the Port of Dover, spoke to Sarah Gleave, local Green Party Campaigner. This conversation flagged up various issues regarding the selection of the White Cliffs business park, Dover District’s only retail park, (and a site next door to the new, expensive […]

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Open letter to Under Secretary of State for Transport, Rachel Maclean MP Regarding Dover Inland Border Facility.

Statement from Green Party Councillors in Dover District. Until December 2020, the site that the Dept of Transport have bought to use as White Cliffs Inland Border Facility was farmland that ought not to be developed. Right now government Department for Transport, are saying it is a temporary site with a 5 year requirement but […]

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Inland Border Clearance Facility DOVER

Statement from Dover and Deal Green Party Dover and Deal Green Party stands with Guston Village and Guston Parish Council in their David and Goliath struggle with the Dept of Transport and Conservative Govt in London.  On 31st December 2020, residents of peaceful Guston village, perched 1 mile inland from Dover Castle, received a letter from the […]

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EV Charging Points

If you’ve been looking to get an EV (Electric Vehicle) and don’t have the ability to charge at home, you’ll be needing to charge away from home using destination charging. Destination charging is the process of topping up charge on an EV whilst you’re busy at a location such as shopping centres, leisure centres, hotels, restaurants, […]

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Freight-to-rail must be part of post-Brexit, post-Covid future

This article first appeared in Green World. With the Brexit transition period close to ending and calls for a green recovery from Covid-19 growing, Sarah Gleave, Co-ordinator of the Dover and Deal Green Party reiterates the Green Party’s 2019 manifesto policy to move freight to rail to reduce road freight emissions. We are the Green […]

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